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5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center
722 S Pearl St
DenverCO 80209
 (855) 578-2725
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Wellness Center Denver CO

5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center in Denver, CO, offers a relaxing, healthful atmosphere with the use of salt therapy. For decades, Europeans have experienced the benefits of salt therapy, traveling to salt mines in places like Poland to take the waters or just breathe and relax in the caves. Our day spa allows you to partake of the same benefits without a passport or venturing deep below ground. Using man-made caves of pure Himalayan rock salt, our spa invites you to experience the natural healing properties of salt. Perfect for detoxing and re-energizing your body, the salt-laden air can help improve lung function and reduce respiratory ailments.

In addition to salt therapy, our wellness spa also offers ionic foot baths, sound healing, a full-spectrum infrared sauna, Brennan Healing Science, and massages. These various treatments allow you to leave our health club feeling revitalized and ready to face the world.

Call us at (855) 578-2725 to schedule an appointment at our halotherapy spa today.
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